‘Tunes 4 Toddler Tantrums with its catchy tunes, engaging animal characters and repetition is a delight for children and parents alike. The songs hit all the spots that can easily escalate into confrontations and has the potential to avert tantrums before they arise. In addition this delightful CD encourages interaction between parents and their infants encouraging their communication, sense of self-efficacy and independence and above all cooperation.”
Sonya Hinton - Educational Psychologist

"It works like magic"
NCT Seeds and Saplings magazine review.

Really Kid Friendly writes "We listened to it on a little playdate earlier in the week with two 3.5 year olds and two 2 year olds, and everyone (including the parents) really enjoyed it..... the CD is a definite winner in our house, so Im giving it a 5 out of 5."
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writes 'Little man loved the cd and was instantly easier during nappy time. He didn't try to get up off the floor and instead wriggled his bottom to the music, which was much better than the usual war we have. Lady P on the other hand liked the bed time song and we listened to it while she drank her milk before bed and with out a moan she went to bed with her teddy and fell asleep with in ten minutes. So what more could you ask for! I would highly recommend this to my mummy friends"
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Madhouse Family Reviews also gives the CD a five star rating! 
"Anything that can transform the beginnings of a tantrum into a moment of fun and laughter has to be a winner in my eyes!" 
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5 stars too from those lovely people at Babyworld blogs "My daughter has the most amazing hair but its a freaking nightmare to brush.  It usually involves a lot of screaming and ducking and diving!  Weve tried everything from special brushes to leave in conditioners.   I hate brushing it as much as she hates having it brushed. Thanks to Tunes for Tantrums (songs about doing your teeth, brushing your hair, eating your good, getting into your buggy) were making some headway, excuse the pun!  Seriously check this out!"
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'Mummy reviews' writes "the songs are bright, cheerful and cover a range of situations that could potentially cause trouble, like teeth brushing, eating food and nappy changing, with colourful and vivid stories involving animals and the like. They act as a great aid to distraction and if there is one thing I’ve learnt... it’s that distraction is the best approach to diffusing a potential explosion."
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"Mummy loves" writes "The nappy song is fantastic, Zara used to scream, wriggle and generally be a pain at nappy changing time, I don’t know why, she just seems to hate it and no matter what we do to distract her nappy times are usually a battle. This little song however does make nappy changing easier.........The other song that we have had fun with is the tooth brushing lion song, now Zara is still young and she used to be good for having her teeth cleaned but recently she has started objecting to it, I think mainly because of teething and sore gums bless her, but rather than turn it into a battleground we now sing the lion song whilst she is in the bath and try to make tooth brushing more about fun. I personally think it is a great idea and look forward to trying out the rest of the songs with my little diva, though hopefully we aren’t going to have battles with everything over the next couple of years!"
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Families magazine has also joined in the fun

@lilasparty writes that the CD 'certainly meets its claim, turning activities which my kids tend to rebel against into a game....We have had particular success with the 'Nappy Time' song....the CD works absolute wonders'. writes 'I love the repetition and the animals in the songs. They really are engaging....catchy tunes that I actually like'

Dysfunctional Dorris writes "I am really grateful that I found this CD.... Thank you Vicky, for the gift that keeps on giving".

On Hannah Clementson's blog she uploaded pictures of her son brushing his teeth, tidying and brushing his hair to the songs! 

Nikki Moore put on the CD as her son was mid tantrum, "As soon as the songs started playing he stopped".