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Deep Sea Tea Party (zipped MP3 - 2.1MB)

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‘Tunes for Toddler Tantrums’ is a CD of music specially composed to help parents and carers avoid tantrum situations - songs about doing your teeth, brushing your hair, eating your food, getting into your buggy and many more!

Having trouble at mealtimes? The wriggly octopus in our free download could help to get a few extra spoonfuls to 'pop inside'!

This unique CD is written and produced by Victoria Arlidge, a composer with BAFTA and EMMY nominated TV credits to her name and a mother of two tantrumming toddlers! A variety of musical styles are combined with live instruments and fun musical arrangements to help parents withstand endless replays – “Again! Again!” Each song includes a game to help draw the toddler in and turn those temper tantrums into fun and giggles whilst parents enjoy a stress free day!

"It works like magic", NCT Seeds and Saplings magazine review.

"The best CD ever", Hazel, mummy to Ollie (2yrs) and Jonny (4 yrs)

“This CD has been a great help for getting my 2 year old to do everyday tasks. We always brush Skylie's teeth to 'scary lion'. She quickly opens her mouth and lets me brush! Tidying up has never been so much fun. An overall great CD.” Callie, mummy to Skylar (2yrs)

 “At tricky mealtimes ‘Deep Sea Tea Party’ can be a lifesaver.  Chloe loves singing the song and always opens her mouth wide at the appropriate moment for 'a spoonful of food to pop inside'!” Jennie, mummy to Chloe (2yrs 4 months).

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